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The Platform sketchfab offers the possibility to share 3D and VR models.
AOrOc uses it to present its annotated 3D imaging work

Project being finalized

New non-destructive archaeological imaging techniques, such as photogrammetry, 3D analysis, X-ray tomography, radically transform our approach to objects, giving access to the internal structure, allowing a volumetric approach, promoting understanding of materials And by refining the perception of each trace, each chiseling, each modification The purpose of this collection is to present the research carried out using these new tools and their influence on the approach of our parimonial heritage.

As part of the PSL Celtes 3D project, the PSL 3D imaging group, in which AOrOc (ENS) is associated with Mines Paris tech and C2RMF (Chimie Paris Tech), has acquired a "Smartscan" scanner - EOTECH 3D scanning by fringe projection: Two integrated cameras capture the levels of white light fringes (LEDs) that are projected on the object, without contact and in a few seconds. After the image processing, the software immediately calculates the 3D coordinates up to 4 million points in each measurement.