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(IOTA : Imagerie de l’Objet au Territoire Archéologique)
In progress. Since the publications are available online, the priorities are to archive and to make accessible primary archaeological documentation from the CNRS, the ENS, the EPHE or PSL.

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Partenaires institutionnels

AOROC - UMR8546-CNRS/ENS EPHE - Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes Nakala PSL  - Paris Sciences et Lettres | université de recherche

Our aim is to quickly open one sub-collection per site on Nakala and to incorporate cross-linking in metadata, in order to simplify the navigation between diverse documents (images, spreadsheets, diagrams, texts, vector documents, georeferenced maps). Everything will be listed in the NAKALA application with a “Handle” whereas the metadata will be accessible from a document open to the public. Publications associated with these archaeological sites can be found on Persée or in the AOrOc collection under Hals_INSHS.

Major national archeological sites that have been under excavation by AOrOc for over 30 years in France are now under post-excavation examination and their documentation must be archived. (For the time being, this concerns the site of Bourges, Cher, 5th century BC, and of Levroux, Indre, 2nd century BC). These sites have become European-wide references.


 AOrOc-ENS : Katherine Gruel, Olivier Buchsenschutz
 EPHE : Marc Bui, Olivier Masson
 Stagiaire : Raphael Uzan