Villa del Foro (Alexandria, Piedmont), Italy

A craft settlement from the early Iron Age

Project leader (Project: SMI 2021 of the INSHS -call 2020-): Veronica Cicolani.

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Institutional Partners

CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Soprintendenza archeologia belle arti e paesaggio per le province di alessandria asti e cuneo

The settlement was established in the 6th century BC near the confluence of the Belbo with the Tanaro, one of the main natural communication routes in north-western Italy and a tributary of the Po.
Known since 1982 (Venturino Gambari 1983) thanks to extensive surface collection campaigns carried out under the watchful eye of the Superintendency, the richness and variety of the material collected soon led to the protection of about 7 ha of agricultural land because of its archaeological potential.

The protohistoric occupation of Villa del Foro has been the subject of several excavations and diagnostic surveys, uncovering several hollow structures (pits, post holes, fragments of ovens and rubble surfaces, wells, as well as segments of an artificial canal), describing a complex occupation, characterised by a dense and varied production activity.


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Planimetry of the right-of-way with locations of the archaeological borings and the results of the magnetic surveys.
V. Cicolani, reworked from Venturino & Giaretti p. 87 and geophysical map A. Grout, M. Dabas, Google background, Chronocarto server.