PCR - Sarthe

Archaeology - ("PCR":Collective Research Programme)

From the site to the City, study of the evolution of human relations in a territory: the Sarthe (72). Initiated by the DRAC of the Pays de la Loire region, the Collective Research Program "Sarthe" concerns the land occupation of the ciity of theAulerci Cenomai territory.

Porteur du projet : Katherine Gruel.

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Institutional Partners

Allonnes municipalité AOROC - UMR8546-CNRS/ENS CAPRA - Association CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique DRAC - Pays-de-la-Loire ENS - Ecole Normale Supérieure | Paris INRAP - Institut National d’Archéologie Préventive ONF - Office National des Forêts PSL  - Paris Sciences et Lettres | université de recherche Sarthe - Conseil Départemental UMR6590 - ESO (Espaces et SOciétés) Université du Maine - Le Mans | Laval Université François Rabelais de Tours Université Rennes 2

The analysis of a terroir, generation after generation, does not involve the same problems or the same documentary base as research into the development of cities or the circulation of furniture. The organisation of a community is based on numerous parameters that define different spaces whose superimposition results in a territory: cultural, religious, ethnic, economic, geographical space... These ensembles are perceptible to varying degrees through material remains (ceramic facies, money, weapons, ornaments, tools, raw materials, crafts). The exchange and circulation of goods over short, medium and long distances reveal preferential links or, on the contrary, avoidance strategies.

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The documents are classified into 5 folders ("General", "Nord-Sarthe", "Forêts", "Agglomerations", "Prospections"), which can be accessed via the drop-down list in the horizontal menu. After selecting the file, you can open the different maps prepared for each issue and check or uncheck the associated views or layers in the side menu.

The financial partners

 DRAC Pays de la Loire, Regional Archaeology Department,
 Regional Council from 2008,
 General Council of the Sarthe,
 Le Mans Métropole
 University of Maine,
 ENS, Paris,
 URM 8546 AOrOc

Scientific partners

 UMR 8546 CNRS-ENS, Archéologies d’Orient et d’Occident, Paris,
 Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles des Pays-de-la-Loire,
 Université du Maine, Department of Geography, GREGUM-ESO UMR 6590,
 University of Maine, Department of History, CESAM,
 University of Rennes 2,
 University of Tours, UFR Arts et Sciences Humaines,
 Allonnes town hall,
- Associations of volunteer prospectors,
 INRAP, Grand-Ouest.