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Freely test Chronocarto’s GcServer software

Open space of tests and experiments: create a map under Chronocarto with a simple spreadsheet using the available background maps ...

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Institutional Partners

AOROC - UMR8546-CNRS/ENS CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique ENS - Ecole Normale Supérieure | Paris Geocarta PSL  - Paris Sciences et Lettres | université de recherche

What is Chronocarto?

Since 2009, AOrOc seeks to produce online maps. With the service provider Geocarta, we have developed a GIS Web application: Chronocarto, with the free software Gcserver on a Linux operating system. This application will allow us to meet our needs without being dependent upon a private operator to access our online data. Several interfaces are now available:

  1. A viewer for online georeferenced maps, enabling a group of users to transfer documents, to work together from afar on a password-protected project. Each project can remain private or become public and may adopt the appropriate projection system.
  2. Regional atlases grouping data on a various scales, from a single site or on a global basis, enabling the superposition of maps and the creation of links between points on the maps and images, as well as links to publications.
  3. An Iron Age atlas : an online automatic atlas that draws data from the BaseFer, developed in Mysql in order to answer simple questions: where? When? What?
  4. Depending on the question, the user is directed towards thematic maps published by researchers within the Chronocarto framework. These maps must be considered as true publications.
  5. These documents will be associated with metadata and each project will be enhanced with a “data paper” explaining its purposes and main results. The authors’ as well as the institutional and financial partners’ logos will be clearly identified.

Test chronocarto on your own data

A simplified version allows the Internet user to visualize(display) its data from a simple spreadsheet on the proposed funds(collections) of cards(maps) and by means of Archéolocalis.
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Join us to deposit your projects on Chronocarto

AOrOc opened widely this server to the scientific community. Contact with us Prenee if you wish to integrate(join) your projects finalized in Chronocarto