Chronocarto , Order Scientific Data

Developed by and for archaeologists and geologists at the ENS, Ecole normale supérieure de Paris, Chronocarto is now open to the PSL community. It currently supports several online and password-protected collaborative projects. A few of these projects are already open to the public.

This portal’s aim is to promote the gathering of data by developing multimedia management, search engines and spatial analyses. The objective is to make these data easy to consult and to optimize a clear vision of all of the documentation, wherever it’s stored on the Internet. The portal thus refers back to the web and to GIS Chronocarto. It distinguishes the different projects according to their scales and their databases (from which the data are extracted). Then AOrOc (Laboratoire d’Archéologie et de Philologie d’Orient et d’Occident. UMR8546 CNRS-ENS) made available additional tools (developped by his searchers) to the public.